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Booking service in a network of hotels Pan Ukraine the free. The booking fact confirms fastening of this or that number to the visitor. Preliminary booking is not the guaranteed booking, the given demand is in status WAIT LIST. Booking is considered guaranteed only at reception of an advance payment at a rate of 100 % of cost of residing for all period. At annulment of booking less than 72 hours prior to placing, the advance payment for the first days of residing does not come back.

According to positions and requirements of Law of Ukraine "About the protection of the personal data" collection, treatment and protection of Your personal data and personal data of other consumers of hotel  services(Clients) in Your order, is produced.

Placing a request on reserving of hotel  services on the web-site of "", you give a consent to collection and processing of Your personal data, and also the personal data  of other Clients on Your request, necessary for your ordering(reserving of hotel services,  registrations and performing contract on hotel  service etc.) fulfillment, and confirm Your acquaintance with the aims of collection and use of the personal data and Your rights arising up in connection with their treatment.


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